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Before pursuing a career in music, Genevieve spent her time in corporate America with a Fortune top 50 company, 3M. She started as a steno in St. Louis, MO and worked her way through the company to sales/marketing manager. She traveled extensively representing 3M Company as a sales trainer and marketing manager.

Genevieve started singing with the St. Louis Symphony at age 17 for 3 years. She has worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Nancy Wilson and Johnny Hammond who were her mentors in learning jazz vocal technique. 

She has headlined numerous shows in Las Vegas as well as performed at the Smith Center and with several prominent artists in the music industry such as Andre Bocelli and the well renowned Michelle le Grand. 

She travels extensively performing in different countries from Europe to Australia from the Middle East to Asia. Princess cruise line performer and with the Platters. Her first CD, “Class”, released in 2005, is a diverse representation of singing styles which includes jazz, Broadway, country, gospel and opera, has been popularized all over the country and internationally. 

Genevieve recorded her second CD "Stay" With Me Tonight, in 2010. Her third CD "From Las Vegas With Love" was released in 2011 for Japan and features her first recording in Japanese language. 

She is hosting shows in Las Vegas and traveling, along with producing and performing a one woman show, “A Tribute to Billie Holiday” where she has performed this at the Smith Center and various venues in Las Vegas.


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